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Russel played by Buddy Ebsen. After years of operation, the mill required a major rehab and the water wheel needed to be replaced. The new wheel was constructed using modern bearings and spindles and when reattached, spun unrealistically fast.

Imagineers needed to come up with a dampening system to slow the wheel down and make it appear as if it were built using period materials. As we travel further, Splash Mountain comes into view. This attraction opened in and is based on characters created by Joel Chandler Harris. The next sight is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Modeled after Monument Valley in Utah, this attraction debuted in The story of BTMR goes something like this.

Everything was going well until a flash flood ravaged the mountain and town, ruining any future mining operations. The Liberty Belle offers some wonderful picture opportunities for this attraction that cannot be taken elsewhere. Just beyond Fort Langhorn is an abandoned cabin. For many years, real flames could be seen lapping at the logs and a settler was lying on his back out front with an arrow piercing his chest.

Guests were told he was the victim of an unfriendly Indian attack. As sensibilities began to change toward Native Americans, the story was rewritten and we were told that the settler had passed out from his moonshine and his cabin was ablaze due to his still exploding. Today, the cabin sits deserted and the fire extinguished. Neither Captain Bixby nor Sam Clemmons even mention its existence as you pass by. Too bad. However, if you visit Tokyo Disneyland, their cabin still excites guests with real flames as they pass by on the Mark Twain.

The next sight along the ride is an old gentleman sitting on the dock of his riverside shanty. His head turns from left to right as a fish jumps out of the water. However, the Powhatans were primarily found in Virginia, not as far west as the Mississippi or Ohio Rivers. Captain Bixby explains this incongruity by mentioning that they must be following the abundance of wildlife found in this vicinity.

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Yet somehow these statuesque animals always bring a smile to my face. Further down the river we find another tribe of Native Americans. However, this time, the tribe is not identified as belonging to any particular group. Next time you ride the Liberty Belle, rather than taking in the entire scene at once, pay attention to the various activities being performed by this close-knit group. Just past the Indian Village are their sacred burial grounds. Here, river pirates hide away, waiting to attack a passing riverboat. After the Revolutionary War, this hideout became a lair for river pirates who attacked passing vessels.

He would entice unsuspecting river travelers to his establishment, then rob them of their goods and usually kill them. As we return to civilization, our boat once again passes Fort Langhorn and Superstition Bridge. The last major sight we see along our passage is the Haunted Mansion. Sam Clemens tells us that this house was built on sacred Indian burial grounds and is filled with spirits.

But he doubts this story and thinks the folks that told him the tale might be filled with proof spirits. This brings us back to Liberty Square and the end of our journey. I have created a six-minute video of the experience.

Liberty Belle from GLOW Cosplay Hair Tutorial! Jamie Koala X IGK Hair!

May I ask that you give my video a chance? I do not just shoot some footage then slap it onto YouTube. I have filmed the Liberty Belle from multiple angles and edited it accordingly. I have removed all the original sound and added clean copies without any background noises. I have also added appropriate sound effects when needed. I think my video gives a good feel of what the attraction is all about. As I said at the beginning of my blog, there are no surprises to be had on the Liberty Belle. This is a quiet, relaxing journey that transports you to another era.

Why Is the Liberty Bell Cracked?

Your email address will not be published. This is the actual costume worn by the male cast members over at Pirates of the Caribbean. I stumbled across your blog while doing research on Cave-in-Rock, which I have visited numerous times over the years. Another wonderful blog!

Youre Doing What To The Liberty Belle English Edition

I enjoy how with more complex attractions, you divide the blog into two parts: history and ride. It really adds depth. Not to mention your great video! I could feel my arm aching after I saw the picture of you holding the recorder. Hats off to you Jack for an extraordinary video. This is better than many professional marketing videos! What incredible talent!

Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks for another awesome blog and video. I thought I would mention that a fun thing to do is ride the riverboat after dark. Then the night version lets the lantern lights, the shadows in the pirate roost, etc. Even the sounds from along the ride and the boat itself seem different. I find it amazing how dark the river is after you pass Thunder Mountain. Many thanks for your continued insistance on looking for the details.

Unique and personal perspectives on life in The Pale. This week: Jules McFadden

That looks totally cool. In all my years of visiting TMK, this is one of the very few attractions I have never set foot on.

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  4. Great blog! And yes, I watched the whole video. You did do a great job!

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    Super professional! We will definatly make it a must see for our trip this summer. Thanks for reminding me how great a little ride it is! Great job, Jack! I have no idea who the voice actors are who provide the narration on the Liberty Belle. Hi Jack, Great video! You spent some time making that… well done.

    Here is a question I had while looking at your photos and then the video. The Bell rings, and I must go among the Grave ones, and talk Politiks. Despite the legends that have grown up about the Liberty Bell, it did not ring on July 4, at least not for any reason connected with independence , as no public announcement was made of the Declaration of Independence.

    When the Declaration was publicly read on July 8, , there was a ringing of bells, and while there is no contemporary account of this particular bell ringing, most authorities agree that the Liberty Bell was among the bells that rang. Paige, who wrote a historical study of the bell for the National Park Service , "We do not know whether or not the steeple was still strong enough to permit the State House bell to ring on this day.

    If it could possibly be rung, we can assume it was. Whether or not it did, it has come to symbolize all of the bells throughout the United States which proclaimed Independence. If the bell was rung, it would have been most likely rung by Andrew McNair , who was the doorkeeper both of the Assembly and of the Congress, and was responsible for ringing the bell. As McNair was absent on two unspecified days between April and November, it might have been rung by William Hurry, who succeeded him as doorkeeper for Congress.

    After Washington 's defeat at the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, , the revolutionary capital of Philadelphia was defenseless, and the city prepared for what was seen as an inevitable British attack. Bells could easily be recast into munitions, and locals feared the Liberty Bell and other bells would meet this fate.

    The bell was hastily taken down from the tower, and sent by heavily guarded wagon train to the town of Bethlehem. Local wagoneers transported the bell to the Zion German Reformed Church in Northampton Town, now Allentown , where it waited out the British occupation of Philadelphia under the church floor boards. With the steeple of the State House in poor condition the steeple was subsequently torn down and later restored , the bell was placed in storage, and it was not until that it was again mounted for ringing.

    Placed on an upper floor of the State House, the bell was rung in the early years of independence on the Fourth of July and on Washington's Birthday , as well as on Election Day to remind voters to hand in their ballots. It also rang to call students at the University of Pennsylvania to their classes at nearby Philosophical Hall.

    Until , when the state capital was moved to Lancaster , it again rang to summon legislators into session. The remains of the bell were recast; the new bell is now located at Villanova University. It is uncertain how the bell came to be cracked; the damage occurred sometime between and The bell is mentioned in a number of newspaper articles during that time; no mention of a crack can be found until In fact, in , the bell was depicted in an anti-slavery publication—uncracked.

    In February Public Ledger reported that the bell had been rung on February 23, , in celebration of Washington's Birthday as February 22 fell on a Sunday, the celebration occurred the next day , and also reported that the bell had long been cracked, but had been "put in order" by having the sides of the crack filed.