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However, these magi seem to be different.

There is no indication that they practiced sorcery or claimed magical powers. Their recorded conduct is sincere and worshipful. They appear to have researched the Old Testament and believed its prophecies about the Messiah.

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They apparently gained nothing material from their long journey. The record does not specifically say that there were three, or that they were kings ; this is assumed by some from the number and types of gifts that were given to Jesus gold , frankincense , and myrrh. None of the Church Fathers suggested that these men were kings , but there was obvious wealth involved.

Does the Bible say that three wise men visited Jesus in a stable?

It is possible that the wealth was theirs, or that they were religious or scholarly envoys of royalty in a distant land. These magi did not arrive until possibly almost 2 years after Christ's birth , certainly sometime after his presentation in the Temple Luke There is no mention of camels or any mode of transportation in the biblical record.


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Welcome to Fermentation Month! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print Email. One night they noticed a very strange star in the sky.

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They knew that this star meant that the King of the Jews, the One who would save the world had been born. He called a meeting with all the other important people in the area and asked them where this special baby had been born. The people replied, "In Bethlehem. Then King Herod called the wise men to a secret meeting and found out from them exactly where they saw the star.

Who Were the “Three Wise Men”? Did They Follow the “Star” of Bethlehem?

He then told them, "Go and find this child. As soon as you find him, tell me, so that I can go and worship him.

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After they had spoken to the King, the wise men left to find the baby. They didn't know exactly where the baby was, but at night they followed the star in the east. They followed the star until it hung right over the very place where Jesus was. When they finally had arrived they were very excited and happy.

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