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Just wanted to mention that items 20 and 21 both have notes labeled, "Notes on the Scottish Book Trust Awards", probably left over from copying-and-pasting notes for the above entry on the Scottish Book Trust Award. Chris Fielden Oops, thanks for letting me know, Mark! Have fixed it Dede Thank you for putting this list together. Chris Fielden Welcome Dede, glad you found it useful Chris Fielden Welcome, Mohammed, glad you found it useful :.

Rose S Can kids do these competitions? My daughter who is 11 years old really wants to enter her story, in the USA. Think I found 2 but not sure if she can enter, also these entry fees are killing me!

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Chris Fielden Rose, every competition is different, so you'll have to read their submission criteria, but I believe some of them accept entries from young writers. I list quite a few opportunities for children on the short story competitions page on my website, so you could check that out. Some of them are cheaper or free to enter, so that might save you some money :. John C The Amazon competition for has apparently not started Chris Fielden John, so far as I know, Amazon haven't announced the details of the contest yet today being 17th Jan If I rightly remember it was announced a bit later than expected last year.

There is a bit more info on the Amazon forum. Y Kumar This is a most useful list.

Winner Takes All

Would you know which competitions will take novels written in Hindi language? Chris Fielden Kumar, I'm afraid I don't - you'll have to check the submission guidelines of each competition to see which languages they will accept. Tony C Amazon have just announced that they will no longer host the breakthrough novel competition, only days before the usual opening date. The announcement is hard to find; look at the breakthrough forums.

Thanks for letting me know, Tony. Susan L Enormous thank you. Warm wishes and thanks again. Chris Fielden Thanks Susan, I' glad you found the site useful. I am not, I hasten to say, involved in its organisation, although I may well enter.

Chris Fielden Thanks for letting me know Victoria. Shannon L I live in the United States. Could I still enter a UK Competition? Chris Fielden Shannon, many UK competitions do accept entries from anywhere in the world, but you'd have to read each competition's submission criteria to see which do and which don't.

Fiona T Are all the competitions verified as authentic?

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There are so many scammers out there taking advantage of authors and on reading some of the judging processes I couldn't help but be a little sceptical. Chris Fielden Hi Fiona. So far as I know, all the competitions are legitimate. If you feel sceptical, the best bet is to research what other people are saying about the competitions; are there press releases about previous winners, is there a book you can buy - that kind of thing.

The ones with the most exposure tend to attract more entries and are therefore harder to win, but if you have concerns that is the best way to decide if any of the competitions are suitable for you.

Book & Novel Writing Competitions List - Christopher Fielden

Fiona T Thanks Christopher, I appreciate your time and reply. I am working my way through options now.

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The reason I separate out England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on all the competition lists on this site is because many writers like to know exactly where the competition is run from - they use this as part of their market research when deciding which publications to target. Kat A The Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award has been discontinued in favour of the kindle scout program which is, unfortunately, exclusive for those living in the U. Chris Fielden Thanks Kat, have updated details accordingly Everlyne B Good morning. I wish to inquire if the competitions only apply to residents of the said countries or are open to everyone.

Chris Fielden Hi Everlyne, most of the competitions are open to anyone residing anywhere in the world, but a few do have geographical restrictions. It's best to check the submission guidelines for each competition on their websites.

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Michelle H Chris, as you seem to truly understand, writing can be a thankless art but for those of us blessed or cursed with writer's passion we must do it, with or without recognition. Your site brings us advocacy and support and I thank you. I hope you continue. Chris Fielden Thanks Michelle - I have no plans of stopping, so the site will continue to grow. I have plans to add more free resources next year Anthony D Hello. Thank you for all of the useful details and information on your site.

I really do not know where to begin though and would love some advice. I have always wanted to write a children's book 12 - 18yrs and have finally started. It is going very well and I am really enjoying it, especially with the input from my 2 young daughters. I aim to have 12 chapters in the book and have written 4 chapters so far, with many ideas and plans for the remaining ones. Each chapter is about 2, words, but I have not been right back through them yet so this could increase.

How would you recommend I proceed and can I enter more than one competition. Chris Fielden Hi Anthony, I'd recommend that you finish the book including getting it proofread and editing it and then enter competitions. That way, your writing will be at its best, which gives the story a better chance of success. The young adult and children's market is incredibly competitive, so it's important to put your best work forward. Anthony D Thank you so much Chris for your advice.

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I will continue writing and complete the book. Do you have any advice on proof reading? Chris Fielden Hi Anthony. I offer a proofreading service for shorter stories. PD L Hello Chris. Great list of book and novel writing competitions. Thank you for preparing it.

get link The Commonword Diversity Writing no 9 in your list is not free though. Chris Fielden Thanks for letting me know, PD. Chris Fielden Welcome, Marlene. Glad you found the lists useful. Kit G I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have written. Being an aspiring author myself, I find it daunting when I go into sites and they talk in a way that is terrifying to the person who is already unsure of their work. Thank you for taking a lot of the pressure off.

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Love the comment section, sounds tripe but it makes you more human, and instead of reading one or two I read till the end and found it insightful and helpful. High five sir. This is one website I shall return to again and again. Chris Fielden Thank you for the kind words, Kit - very much appreciated Di W Hey Chris, thanks for a great website.

I just noticed that you have the Exeter novel comp closing in October and they've recently changed it to January. Chris Fielden Thanks for letting me know, Di - much appreciated Gifford M I was just reviewing your contest list - great job, and thanks for putting so much info together in one place. I just wanted to let you know the link for the Next Novelist Contest says the domain is unavailable.

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I haven't been able to find a good link for their site.