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He is currently at work on a manuscript tentatively titled "Caribbean Counterfeits: Essays in Critical Archivology. Inheriting the Avant-Garde questions the claim that the European avant-garde is dead or pass by examining its revival in the work of choreographer Merce Cunningham. Having just completed a manuscript on Negritude poetry with the generous support of the ACLS, she is now turning her attention to a new book on Cage, Cunningham, and constructivist aesthetics, chapters of which can be found in Dance Research Journa and Leonardo Electric Journal.

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Amanullah De Sondy Ph. She focuses on the relationship between literature and painting in nineteenth-century novels. Her dissertation, "The Politics and Poetics of Ekphrasis in Nineteenth-Century French Art Novel" examines descriptions of paintings, explores the question of the representation of the female body both on canvas and in the text, and questions the emergence of a discourse on abstract art in predominantly Realist and Naturalist texts.

Eating away at his artistic power, Manette turns the promising Coriolis into painter whose "madness of the eyes" propels his painting in the realm of nonfigurative art. The Goncourts' anti-Semitic prose converges with their art criticism to offer a reflection on artistic madness and genius. Her areas of specialization are 20th century Latin American literature and cinema. She is interested in interdisciplinary studies of aesthetics, ethics, technology, and consumer and popular culture. Music, myth and memory combine here to explore flamenco in a setting that is the birthplace of its most celebrated genius.

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Flamenco propagates itself not so much in terms of authenticity, but through iteration, performance and cultural translation. This talk will explore questions of music in terms of the conceptual frames of iteration and performance.

Nair shall argue that the film decenters and uproots ideas of authenticity, origin and rooting through its portrayal of flamenco as a mode of travel, on the road and in ceaseless flow. In this sense, music, myth and memory all offer cultural narratives that trace a shifting global topography of flamenco, whose movement exceeds attempts at freezing, containment or appropriation. Her research is in Cultural Studies, with a particular interest in theories and representations of migration, mobility, urban spaces, displacement, ethnicity and gender.

She writes mainly on photography, film and music in these contexts and relies on an interdisciplinary approach that includes fieldwork. She is the author of dozens of essays published in journals and edited collections. In addition to all this prolific research activity, she is the Principal Editor of Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture and she serves on the editorial board of the Hispanic Research Journal. As Director of the Centre for the Study of Migration, Nair facilitates expressions of interest for interdisciplinary collaboration on migration-related research across faculties and institutions at Queen Mary and beyond.

School of Communication, Shoma Hall. Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Awards Ceremony Awards will be presented to student winners of various scholarships and honors. Vilches received a Ph.

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The influx of such wealth contributed to the expansion of the Spanish empire, but it also raised doubts and insecurities about the meaning and function of money, the ideals of court and civility, and the structure of commerce and credit. New World Gold shows that, far from being a stabilizing force, the flow of gold from the Americas created anxieties among Spaniards and shaped a host of distinct behaviors, cultural practices, and intellectual pursuits on both sides of the Atlantic. These cultural anxieties, she argues, rendered the discovery of gold paradoxically disastrous for Spanish society.

Her research interests include medieval and early modern Spanish theater and prose; the history of Spanish literature, and Spanish women's writings. Her many publications include Historias caballerescas del siglo XVI ; La prosa y el teatro medievales ; and Cortejo a lo prohibido Her lecture will examine the origins and influences of women's autobiography in Spain. Today, the rapid spread of social networking, interactive game playing, collaborative writing and editing, and multimodal production provide opportunities for new kinds of social encounters, new kinds of communities, and new kinds of learning environments.

This presentation will focus on two examples of textualization and recontextualization: one involving the use of film to teach the novel Como Agua Para Chocolate, and the second focusing on videoconferencing exchanges between students of French in California and teachers in training in Lyon, France. He teaches courses in French linguistics, applied linguistics, and foreign language pedagogy, and supervises graduate teaching assistants. His research interests include language acquisition, literacy, and relationships between language and technology. His book Literacy and Language Teaching Oxford University Press, deals with the theory and practice of reading and writing in a foreign language.

He is the author of Todas as cidades, a cidade 2nd. She will then focus on the digital anthology ENTER, and deal with questions of the media, new technologies and the need for them in Brazil, where the readership is quite restricted.

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Um guia apaixonado da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro: Aeroplano, ; with L.

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Soares and M. Rio de Janeiro: Agir, A specialist in medieval studies, her primary focus is the medieval Spanish epic and historiography. In her research, Dr. Vaquero examines issues relating to the form and function of oral narratives, the relationship between epic and history, and the phenomenon of "transitional literacy.

The film is a cross-cultural tool that is designed to empower by: supporting the development of intercultural empathy and critical thinking skills; and initiating dialogue between different cultures. Nel corso della conferenza ne racconteremo la storia ed analizzeremo esempi antichi e contemporanei di case e ville. The house has always been a central theme in Italian architecture. This talk will focus on the history of Italian residences, through the analysis of ancient and contemporary examples of houses and villas, with the purpose to discover and explore the origins of the comfort and beauty typical of Italian cities.

In his lecture, Dr. The recipient of several awards and honors and a past president of the ADFL Executive Committee, Professor Looney is a leading scholar in Renaissance humanism and especially the way renaissance Italian poets renovated literary traditions through their imitation of the classical literature. In his latest research he has studied the reception in contemporary America of a masterpiece of Italian literature, the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

In this presentation I describe the complementary approaches of program evaluation and the assessment of student learning outcomes and show how both can contribute to the improvement of student learning. She teaches courses in teaching methods, second language acquisition, and Spanish language and applied linguistics; until recently she was also the director of the elementary and intermediate Spanish program. She is also is the co-editor of the Prentice Hall Professional Library Series, a series of monographs on language learning and teaching.

How did it interact with assumptions and realities of gender, class and identity? How did it represent, misrepresent or demark cultural, political and national identity? Why did food become a privileged metaphor for talking and writing about eroticism and sexuality? We will be presenting interdisciplinary, original and innovative papers that will explore the symbolic, social and cultural meanings of food in the pre- and early-modern world.

In the days of the invention of the printing press and the discovery of America, the Italian architects of the Renaissance designed a new residential typology: the palace. After the previous conference on the Roman domus, this time we are going to examine the new living model that will become the undisputed protagonist of the urban development of our cities. Nowadays, relation remains a key concept in postmodern and postcolonial theories and is, indeed, is a necessary condition for individual, social, and cultural identities. It implies a link, an interaction, a mediation even, in short a certain distance between objects, subjects, realities and representations.

Please join us on Friday for the Keynote Lecture: p. Please join us on Saturday for Panel Presentations. View the flyer for the program schedule. Aimer les hommes? Her field is Modern and Contemporary Spanish literature. She is currently writing a book titled Fictions of Conflict that examines literary accounts of the War of Africa She works on three main lines of research: Film and media culture in Contemporary Spanish youth narratives; Collective Memory in Spanish films on the Spanish civil war and the postwar years; and Spanish film adaptations and intermedial relations between literature and film.

Her research appears in journals such as Hesperia.

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Refreshments to be served. In , two years after the death of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Andreas-Salome, one of the first women psychoanalysts who had studied with Freud, published a sensitively and intelligently crafted tribute to her beloved friend with whom she had shared a close relationship and a lifelong correspondence. She has published widely in the areas of modern literature and thought, gender, knowledge and history, as well as women's literature and political culture, and has edited numerous essay collections in English and German, including Encountering the Other s : Studies in Literature, History and Culture ; Writing New Identities.

Castells received his Ph. All the presentations are work in progress. If you recognize the name Merrill Swain, it is probably because you are familiar with her work on French. It is truly an international meeting. It is also a non-conventional conference.

There are no parallel sessions. Scholars present research in progress, and there is ample time for discussion one hour per session. If you have some time to attend, you will find that there is genuine, unique dialogue and exchange of academic ideas. We hope you can attend some of the sessions and participate in any way you can. We are convinced you will find the program interesting and relevant to your own research and teaching interests.

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View Full Schedule. In , Ms. Cavalccante received an award conferred by the Academie de Arts, Sciences et Lettres. Much of her work is considered "erotic" in nature, notably O discurso da mulher absurda The Discourse of the Absurd Woman, Global Editora, and she has devoted her corpus to portrayals of the resigned lives of women in a patriarchal, machista society, socialized to pray, marry and die. Dean's Conference Room, Jenkins These are faculty-led courses taught in English based in the heart of Milan at an international study center.

Students will be housed in furnished apartments with easy access to public transportation, computer labs, library, health center, and 24 hour support. A combined trip to Tuscany will be included. For further information on course descriptions, study program details, and estimated price, please contact: Prof. Luca Donno ldonno miami. Maria Stampino mariagallistampino yahoo. Karen Donno, Undergraduate Business Programs, kdonno miami.


Final applications are due on March 1, but students need to start planning now. Space will be limited!!! It is also part of the Management major or minor. Students from other schools outside of business are welcome to apply. As the first openly gay writer intervening publicly in Morocco itself actually the first in the entire Arab world and whose novels are distributed in that country, he has been ranked by the influential Moroccan weekly magazine Tel Quel as one of the three of contemporary Moroccan culture and society.

He is also a vigorous defender of tolerance, cultural and civic openness, democracy and human rights in his native country and everywhere. This is a novel about love in all his forms.