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Recently Popular Media x. One of the most important ministries of the Holy Spirit is that of filling of the believer. The filling of the Spirit gives the believer power to live the Christian life. The believer is commanded to be filled with the Holy Spirit: And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit Ephesians The filling of the Holy Spirit is not something that is merely suggested by God; it is a command. All believers are to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The filling of the Holy Spirit is contrasted with drunkenness. The idea behind each concept is control.

While the effects of alcohol control the drunken person the effects of the Holy Spirit control the believer. Thus, when we speak of being filled with the Holy Spirit, we are speaking of being controlled by the Holy Spirit. The filling as contrasted with other ministries of the Spirit, is directly experienced. It is a repeated experience. The command in Ephesians is for the believer to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit.

We conclude regarding the filling of the Holy Spirit: 1.

The Bible commands the believer to be filled with the Spirit. The idea behind it is control. God wants His people to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. The filling of the Holy Spirit is a ministry of the Spirit that is directly experienced by the believer. The filling of the Holy Spirit is a repeated experience. Donate Contact. Blue Letter Bible is a c 3 nonprofit organization. Cite this page MLA format.

How You Can Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

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Being Filled with the Holy Spirit | Alliance World Fellowship

Check your email for password retrieval Enter Your Email or Username. Did you forget your password? Register a new BLB account. First Name. Password Must be at least 6 characters. Re-type Password. Both words mean to finish, complete, fulfill. Both words picture believers as filled with, i. Jesus urged His disciples to obey Him so that their joy would be complete John Jesus John and Paul Romans prayed that Christians would be filled with joy and peace so that they would overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The disciples were pictured as filled with joy and the Holy Spirit Acts It is important to note that these qualities characterized the people who were filled with them. This is a significant point to consider in discussing being filled with the Holy Spirit. People filled with the Holy Spirit are characterized by some of His qualities.

They appear to be virtually synonymous. Every Christian has a personal relationship with the divine Person, the Holy Spirit.

Why Do You Need the Filling of the Holy Spirit?

This is the result of several of His operations which will be mentioned briefly in order to suggest their relationship to His filling. It occurs simultaneously with saving faith. The New Testament describes regenerated believers as born of the Spirit and as saved through the renewal of the Holy Spirit John ; Titus His regenerating work initiates an ongoing relationship with believers. It is the basis for His future ministries to Christians. Since it has already happened to all Christians, it evidently occurred at their conversion.

This baptism, also designated as being baptized into Christ, brings new believers into union with Christ in His death and resurrection Romans ; Galatians , for they are members of His body. By its effect of placing new believers into the body of Christ, baptism by the Holy Spirit puts them into a position that enables them to access spiritual power.

But it does not, in itself, activate that power. His presence is a gift to Christians received at the time of their conversion 1 Corinthians ; 2 Corinthians In fact, anyone who lacks His presence is unsaved Romans ; Jude Paul pictured Christians as the temple of the Holy Spirit, a vivid image of His living within them 1 Corinthians ; cf. Ephesians As the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, the temple is holy because He is holy. Thus Christians, inhabited by the Holy Spirit, are also to be holy. It is through the indwelling Holy Spirit that God applies the power that produces life i.

Only those regenerated, baptized and indwelt by the Holy Spirit are in a position to be filled with the Holy Spirit. There is an analogy between being filled with a quality or feeling and being filled with the Person of the Holy Spirit. To be filled with the Holy Spirit involves an expansion and intensification of the impact of His indwelling presence. To be filled with the Holy Spirit is for Him to advance His presence and power within one to the full extent that He desires. What the Holy Spirit accomplishes within a believer does not depend upon how much of the Holy Spirit a believer has received.

Since every believer has received the Person of the Holy Spirit who lives within him and relates to him, no believer has received only a portion of the Holy Spirit, for He is indivisible.

How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

What the Holy Spirit accomplishes within a believer depends upon how much of the believer He controls, i. When the apostle talks about being filled with the Spirit, he proceeds to show that one who is under the control of, or the influence of, the Holy Spirit, will find that the controlling Holy Spirit produces an entirely different kind of life. The man is different, not because of what he is himself, but because of the power to which he has submitted himself and the Person to whom he has yielded control.

These indicate the divine and human factors in the filling. Some have suggested that being full of the Spirit designates the former and that being filled with the Spirit depicts the latter. Yet later he was again pictured as full of the Holy Spirit in , which involved a special empowering. The picture described here is of certain Christians being filled with the Holy Spirit as a continuing condition while intermittently empowered by Him for ministry. I would suggest that these categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive i.

Being full of the Holy Spirit as a continuing spiritual condition does not preclude special fillings that empower the believer for ministry or for handling especially difficult situations. Nevertheless, the special empowerments occur in the context of the ongoing spiritual condition. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. In his perceptive article, Chip Anderson well described the context for this command.

He so prays ff. He prays ff. Leading into the key command is a prohibition against excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Along with other sins, drunkenness is a standard feature of an unregenerate lifestyle 1 Peter Drunkenness is among the sins that Christians are explicitly told to avoid Romans Christians, as sons of the light, are to avoid getting drunk and they are to maintain self-control 1 Thessalonians They are not even to associate with a drunkard who claims to be a Christian 1 Corinthians Drunkenness is incompatible with being Spirit-filled or even with basic Christian living.

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The contrast here is one element in the broader contrast mentioned in the preceding context. This broad contrast was described as between the old self and the new self Ephesians , between darkness and light , between unwise asophol and wise sophol living One might express the contrast in this way: Do not be filled with alcoholic spirits, but be filled with the Holy Spirit.

As an imperative, it is a command that all Christians have a duty to obey. There is an analogy between the Spirit-filled Christian and the wine-filled drunkard to the extent that both make self-comfort subservient to their respective goals. John Goodwin described being filled with the Spirit as a sort of spiritual drunkenness. Yet it does not involve His absolute control, for Christians continue to be capable of sinning.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit includes power for wisdom, worship and ministry. This mind-set involves them in spiritual matters. As a result, they are not greatly distracted by the annoyances and difficulties brought about by the hostile environment of the world. Since the word fruit karpos is singular, it has a collective connotation. When Christians are Spirit-filled, they are controlled by the Holy Spirit who thoroughly develops and makes conspicuous these attitudes and qualities within them.