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In this five-video program, Jacobs digs in on how most golfers lose power.

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He looks at the setup, backswing, downswing and impact, but this is not your standard swing analysis. He also says the hands should slow down before impact to transfer their speed out to the club, a whipping effect you see in long hitters.

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What do most golfers do to try to add speed? Move their hands faster. Or you can keep listening to your buddies. You see, every keynote has a set time limit. I usually get an hour, sometimes 45 minutes, sometimes less to try to teach the audience what they need to know in order to harness the power of their stories. This means, from the moment they announce my name and I walk on stage, it is a race against the clock literally — there is often a big timer on the stage counting down the seconds.

I race to pack every-last-second with the info you need to access the stories within you. Remote vs. In-Person: Interview with Joe Lalley. Jim Kalbach in design thinking , interview ,.


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