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Throughout the development process, the customer was able to provide input as to what functionalities were required. All those functionalities were rapidly added as and when they were demanded, and ultimately, the product was delivered to the client.

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In the end, Centric Consulting not only met the demands of their client, but was also able to meet their needs and grow their business. While it still remains the champion, a lot has changed in 20 years. Kissflow is an example of the next generation of rapid application development.

It is a no-code platform that lets anyone develop their own automated process in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. Kissflow can be used by a single person to work on developing an application. This is rapid application development taken to a new level—making applications as quickly as possible that are ready-to-use instantly by the entire company.

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RAD Methodology

Work email. Phone number this helps us to determine your seriousness. The Process Modeling phase is the step in the RAD model procedure where all the groups of information gathered during the Data Modeling step are converted into the required usable information.

Any descriptions for adding, removing, or changing the data objects are also created during this phase. The Application Generation step is when all the information gathered is coded, and the system that is going to be used to create the prototype is built. The data models created are turned into actual prototypes that can be tested in the next step.

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The Testing and Turnover stage allows for reduced time in the overall testing of the prototypes created. Every model is tested separately to identify and adapt the components quickly to create the most effective product. When completing a traditional style of the Systems Development Life Cycle SDLC , there is a lot of planning and analysis done before the actual coding process starts.

Such waterfall model can potentially cause challenges for the customer because they are putting their time and resources into a project that is not going to have a substantial MVP for quite some time. The altering of the software after the development can be lengthy, and in some cases impossible to complete after the product reaches a certain point in development. The RAD model is much more effective because it gives the customer a working model much sooner.

Granted, the speed isn't always the best choice to go with - especially when your product is at the later stages of its development, and features get more complicated. For the beginning phases, it can be a good start. Read also: Android vs iOS Development. As long as the product being worked on can be easily divided into separate units, the RAD model can be implemented.

Rapid application development

If the division is not possible, the RAD model may not work. RAD models can be very successful when a quick delivery of a product is needed for a customer. It is also the best model to choose when there are going to be changes made to the prototype throughout the process before the final product is completed. It is important to know that the RAD model is only valid when there are plenty of knowledgeable developers and engineers on hand prepared to work on the progress of the product. The customer must also remain committed to the process and the schedule in place for the completion of the model.

When either of these two components is not available, the RAD formula can fail.

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Feedback on the initial version is provided and features are added over subsequent production cycles. Risk reduction : The ability to quickly create and share working prototypes allows the business to review functionality earlier in the application life cycle, helping to avoid rework that could derail the entire project. Increased quality : Incorporating greater prototype and functionality testing throughout the project life cycle also improves software quality, as requirements can be validated and refined based on user feedback.

Faster time to market : Creating production-ready apps faster means that the business can benefit from its availability earlier, while new functionality continues to be released. Analyst Report.

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