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Ancestor: John Alden, Myles Standish. It is interesting that here I am 12 generations down from Myles Standish and John Alden and that my ancestor that gave me my surname arrived in Mass. Scott Anderson. My family, a long line of Bartletts and Holmses, has lived in Plymouth, MA for every generation since I am one of the rare ones who has left for a few years, but return to visit often.

Stephen Cochrane. I have so many historic family members I would be so proud to be in the Mayflower Society. Ancestor: John Billington. It is an indication of the pioneer spirit that brought my ancestors from England, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and across our nation, building communities as they continually moved forward. I feel their itchy feet and creative desire to make something new.

Richard Lagueux. Ancestor: Thomas Rogers, Richard Warren. They both signed the Mayflower Compact, the basis of government in Plymouth Colony. Michael Newton. Location: Pennsylvania, United States.

Alana Brewster Bernhardt. Ancestor: John Howland, John Tilley. Location: Idaho, United States. This means the world to me. To know that my roots run to the very beginning of this great nation! Location: Colorado, United States.

Its exciting being a part of the first settlers European that came here years ago. Its a sense of American pride and family history of which I share and pass down to my children. Location: West Virginia, United States. I am proud to claim William Brewster as a grandfather.

He personified the ideas of religious freedom, that formed many of the underlying themes behind what later became the United States. The first families of Plymouth established a foothold in the New World, and I am happy to claim descent from such a determined set of people. My Mayflower Ancestry brings me great pride in knowing that my family helped to establish this Great Nation.

Joseph Monthomery. Wow, my father went to his grave not knowing who he was and we have now discovered more than we ever dreamed.

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It makes me feel special, like I definitely belong here in America. Mark Schneider. Debra Williams Sorensen. Location: Oregon, United States. Location: Virginia, United States.

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Helps me to be secure in my love of country and of religious freedom which the Mayflower Pact was all about. Freedom to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, freedom to be educated, freedom to vote for country leaders and laws, and freedom to earn my own way. It also gives me strength to overcome as I realize what the Mayflower passengers endured.

Barbara Cullicott. Ancestor: William Bradford, William Brewster. I treasure my heritage, as I am the last of my direct line of Rust's who arrive here in America in I hope to write a history of our family in my retirement. Sharon Mitchell.

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I lived on Cape Cod as a child and observed the Mayflower 2 come over the horizon. My parents died when I was quite young, so I have felt disconnected from my heritage. I was beyond excited to find direct connections to the Mayflower as I was convalescing from a broken ankle Rebecca Willing. To show the grandkids where our family first started here in the States and pass on our family tree with all family members. Arleen Craig Ellis.

Being part of the Mayflower Story makes our family part of history. Which makes us very thankful for what our ancestors did for us, including their sacrifices to make a foundation for the United States. Location: Hawaii, United States. It is my goal to verify my family's role in creating this country.

Margaret Bartlett. I am proud to know that our family helped establish America. I'd like to learn more of the journey to the US and more about the history of coming to America. Ancestor: Edward Fuller. This is a link to my family history and the pull and link that I feel is in my bones to my love for this land, the USA. Ancestor: John Alden, James Chilton.

I love that I am connected to those who first settled this nation which became the greatest country in the world, due in great part to those fearless pioneers. Location: Arizona, United States. The best thing about genealogy is feeling connected to world history. Every family is interesting and everyone's ancestors are connected to world history, but I feel very fortunate to belong to groups with great records so I can know where my people fit in.

In the process of joining the Mayflower Society right now! Everett J Hendrickson. Ancestor: Stephen Hopkins, Thomas Rogers. A great deal, as my wife is also descended from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren; Hopkins and Warren were both on the shallop that explored the cape and found what became Plymouth!

Janine Corcoran. Proud to be part of an American tradition and a family who faces resilience, the unknown, adventure, and the will for a better life.

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Mary Jane Williams. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton. It's been a wonderful experience researching this family and applying to the Mayflower Society. I'm fascinated with my Mayflower ancestry. I have several lines going back through my maternal grandfather mothers and his fathers sides of family.

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My mother's middle name is Alden and my middle name is May after the Mayflower. I will be travelling soon to visit my ancestors graves in Duxbury and see museums. Honored and privileged. History has always been my life Herstory is coming alive in William L. Location: Kansas, United States.

It brings pride to me and my children knowing that our ancestor, George Sowle-Soule helped to establish a settlement in the wild country that was soon to be the United States Of America. These English Settlers endured many hardships in their quest of happiness. Our lineage went from Sowle To Fox. The first 7 being named Sowle the last 5 being Fox. George H Webber. Very satisfying-A part of my country's history. Steven Lot Smith. So proud of all my brave ancestors, especially my 17 "male and female" direct line grandparents of the Mayflower.

DeAngela Haynes. Ancestor: Degory Priest.