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ISBN 13: 9781453885680

Read More. Staff Picks October This nearly three-hour sequel has well-rounded and appealing characters, reviewed by our own.

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  • Endurance (Konrath Horror Collective, book 5) by Jack Kilborn!

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Konrath/Kilborn Collective

Staff Picks June Staff Picks May Staff Picks March Stand Strong February Elevation January The Outsider August Endurance May Your opinion of our new website? Very Satisfied. Less Satisfied. Or will they join the many others who have died there, in ways too terrible to imagine? A Word of Warning: Originally scheduled to be released in paperback in , the publisher read the final version of the manuscript and refused to release it.

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This is a disturbing, terrifying book. You may think you're brave enough to handle it. But you're probably not Genre: Horror.

ASMR - Chilling Chapters #3 Reading ENDURANCE

Origin Origin , book 1 J A Konrath. This book was a fast-paced techno thriller that left me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. What I loved most about this novel was the character development. Tom and his parter Roy have been in other books, so I feel as if I really know them as characters. Not only were the main characters well-developed, but so was the villain. The villain was very complex, and kept me guessing his motive. After reading eight of his books back-to-back, I found this difference to be quite refreshing.

Hopefully, Kilborn will continue to come up with complex villains in his future novels. That novel has nothing to this one, but reading it will provide more insight to the characters and their relationships.

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Author's Blake Crouch & Jack Kilborn & J.A. Konrath

These three are his best characters, and I really enjoy their adventures. Kilborn tends to be less humorous and more violent, with a higher scare-factor. Jack and Joe have also collaborated on many books, to make it even more confusing for fans.