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In: Swaiman's Pediatric Neurology. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier; Non-verbal learning disabilities. Learning Disabilties Association of America. Learning disorders. Definitions of specific learning disability and laws pertaining to learning disabilties in the United States. Specific learning disabilities in children: Evaluation.

Galicia-Connolly EZ, et al. Complementary, holistic, and integrative medicine: Therapies for learning disabilities.

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Pediatrics in Review. Handler SM, et al.

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Learning disabilities, dyslexia, and vision. Barton temblaba, incluso cuando la dejaba reposando en su regazo. Una persona con la enfermedad de Parkinson pierde de forma progresiva su capacidad para controlar por completo sus movimientos corporales. Sus rostros pueden parecer planos, sosos e inexpresivos, pero la gente que padece la enfermedad de Parkinson sigue teniendo sentimientos, aunque sus caras no siempre los manifiesten.

Debido a sus dificultades para mantener el equilibrio, algunos de los afectados se caen a menudo, lo que puede hacer que se rompan huesos. A total of 14 patients of this series 1.

Only two patients were readmitted and managed with iv albumin, and so far in the series of more than 15 years of monitoring, conversion of the technique to normal anatomy has not been required 7. The point to be discussed here is that in patients with bariatric surgery, any episodes of diarrhea and malnutrition are usually attributed to surgery 8. This is true if these episodes are observed in cases of dietary transgressions or patients undergoing periods of biological stress 9. But outside these circumstances, any cases of hypoproteinemia that do not respond to intensive treatment should be evaluated cautiously When cases of persistent hypoproteinemia are observed despite oral or parenteral rescue, it is crucial to make a good differential diagnosis, since re-operation not always will solve the problem In this sense, the clue that led to the differential diagnosis in this clinical case was nutritional deterioration, which began just after the respiratory syndrome.

Whipple's disease WD is a rare, systemic infectious disease caused by the bacterium Tropheryma whipplei. Although rare, it may mimic a wide spectrum of clinical disorders and may have a fatal outcome. It often causes diarrhea, steatorrhea and weight loss. Protein-losing enteropathy can also occur In endoscopy, the mucosa appears pale yellow, dilated, thickened and rigid, with a fibrinous exudate on the surface.

The mesenteric lymph nodes are enlarged with ecstatic lymphatic vessels. Gut biopsies show, microscopically, there is villous atrophy and distension of villi by infiltrates of foamy macrophages, which replace the lamina propria and may extend into the muscularis mucosa or submucosa. The macrophages have coarse granules in their cytoplasm, comprised of clumps of degradation products, which stain a brilliant magenta color with PAS Treatment guidelines suggest starting with an initial two-week antibiotic treatment followed by long-term maintenance therapy years to prevent relapses.

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Currently, doxycycline in combination with hydroxychloroquine during months is the elective treatment regimen 12 , The genetic predisposition of the host, rather than the genotype of the bacterium, influences the predisposition and severity of the infection. The evolution of bowel wall damage has not been clearly described in the literature.

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After the antibiotic treatment, the presence of the bacteria in the biopsies is eliminated and the mucosal villi are recovered; however, sequelae of intestinal lipodystrophy have not been described yet. Long-term follow-up for the rest of their lives is mandatory on patients who have suffered this infection 13 , 14 , The potential to develop serious complications exists if patients are not adequately followed after any bariatric surgery technique.

However, when the patient is correctly managed, persistence of malnutrition should guide other possible causes. WD is a rare cause of malnutrition and the delayed diagnosis can be fatal. If the revision surgery had been done in this case, as the only justification for malnutrition, it is likely that another damage caused by the untreated infection might have happened. We would like to thank Dr.

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Avelino Ortiz, from the Hospital Universitario de Badajoz, for his invaluable collaboration in the evaluation of this clinical case. Am J Med ; DOI: The history of metabolic and bariatric surgery: development of standards for patient safety and efficacy. Metabolism ; Intensive nutrition management in a patient with short bowel syndrome who underwent bariatric surgery.

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Clin Nutr Res ;6 3 DOi: Obes Surg ;27 9 Obes Surg ;28 5 Laparoscopic one-anastomosis gastric bypass: technique, results, and long-term follow-up in patients. Obes Surg ;27 5 Reversal to normal anatomy after failed gastric bypass: systematic review of indications, techniques, and outcomes.