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Sorry for that. Edit: I know it's very important and you all want to know. So, I checked some more websites. Median of all values given seems to be 1,82 m. The problem starts with the measuring unit - doesn't it depend on what the horse is doing when you measure it, i. Quite apart from the fact that a Shetland pony is shorter in any position than a Clydesdale Which reminds me that I always wonder the same thing with 'feet' and 'Elle' and such. They're standardised now, but what did 5 foot actually mean in?

Whose foot? To make sure people don't get too comfortable, we have standardized a lot of non-metric units multiple times, e. I am confused. I thought the pound was standardized to one specific value in the s accepted by both the UK and the US. Of course, there are half a gazillion historical definitions for the pound. Irgendwann wurde es im Kongress eingebracht, in den 70er Jahren war das, wenn ich mich nicht irre, man solle endlich auf das metrische System umsteigen. Leider ist die Bewegung gescheitert.

That seemed about to change in , when a U. In response, Congress enacted the Metric Conversion Act in but stripped out the year deadline and made the conversion voluntary.

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Although schoolchildren across America began studying SI units in earnest and a few companies embraced metrication , the rallying cry to go metric faded, as did any real movement to make the switch. Als ich klein war ist meine Familie oft umgezogen und deshalb habe ich es geschafft, zwei Mal nacheinander das metrische System durchzunehmen, ohne das mir das englische System beigebracht wurde.

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  • Witzig und allzu wahr finde ich den Satz:. Norbert, as far as I know is the Englisch pound about grams while a German pound is grams. So it's just about enough of a difference to get it wrong ;-. I don't think I've ever spoken about horses' lengths, only about height at the whithers. But then, I'm sure you mainly used that particular measurement because you well know that it would be utterly beyond me to turn that into any kind of meaningful number ;-.

    Don't you know that? Once in my life I tried to be helpful and what do I get in return? I'm unfairly accused of trying to exploit a weakness I was not even aware of!

    So, don't blame me if my honest good-night-wishes are clouded by a sobbing noise. Like many people use to do.

    RenaRd : On this topic, my Great Grandma who was tiny and in her old age also bent used to say: "Alde Leit wachset abersche downwards wie an Kuhschwanz! What a drastic kind of humour our ancestors had. Everybody seems to know that. That reminds me to a dialog when I was highly pregnant: After an ultrasonic examination a few days before giving birth the doctor told me that my child will be small and delicate.

    I replied "no wonder, the parents are small as well! He told me: "Yes, but also the grandparents could count. Then, a few days later my son was born - 51 cm long and g in weight, which is pretty much average Aber komischerweise: "This thermometer, measuring stick, ruler, gauge, indicator, etc. You're welcome : It was an almost clean pad, too.

    Die Stadtbienen: Eine Großstadt-Imkerin erzählt (German Edition)

    Just a few horse hairs and a little bit of sweat and dust. I though LEO was being really slow tonight but I've just realised, trying some other websites, that everything is slow. I mean, power can't be slow, can it? Or radio waves? My landline phone is never slow, or my stereo, or my Hoover. So why the Internet?

    I think all those alleged waves and electricity and all that are complete fabrication. It's just magic.

    Manual Die Stadtbienen: Eine Großstadt-Imkerin erzählt (German Edition)

    Nobody has the faintest idea of what it is or how it works, but nobody wants to admit it because this is the age of enlightenment. I vaguely remember a book, a story or a film where THEY made a mistake when THEY were too quick when THEY turned off the rain on one side of a building while the rain was still on on the other side, but I have no idea what book, story or film that was. Can anybody help? Danke, harambee.

    Eclectus, ich denke, dass harambee von einem Science-Fiction-Roman spricht.