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Also note that the seminar will be held on the Mezzanine Level M not the Bowie Vernon Room and will start one half hour earlier than usual FIPLV is the international umbrella organisation for teachers of modern languages all over the world. Every three years a World Congress is held. In we will meet in the Nordic country Sweden. For the last few years the annual conference has been attended by about participants. Contributors are invited to complete the form below and return it to the co-ordinator Inger Odenstedt, inger.

Proposals for contribution must be made before 15 June Contact Address.. E-mail address. Subject of Presentation.. Type and length of Presentation.

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For more information, please check websites: www. Celebrating the Legacy of Morton Deutsch:. His ideas permeate the boundaries of law, international politics, education, business, and industrial relations. Yet today many people working in mediation and conflict resolution remain unaware of his great contributions to social and organizational psychology.

His professional life spans the very existence of modern social psychology, beginning with his student days in New York of , through to his continuing work at the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, the influential research and teaching center he founded. Psychologist Erica Frydenberg spent two years documenting the life and legacy of this remarkable man through interviews with Morton and his many students and colleagues. The result is a book that enlightens us about the man's family and work life as well as illustrating the importance of using rigorous theoretical analysis to drive practical research and application in a way that can make a true difference in our everyday lives.

Morton Deutsch, click here. Am Sonntag, den Am: Sonntag, den April , Und auch wenn der ANC seit zehn Jahren regiert, ist die Kluft zwischen arm und reich nicht kleiner geworden. Kindly forwarded to us by Francisco Gomes de Matos :.

The Linguapax Institute, in collaboration with the Institute Ramon Llull, has advised the Government of Paraguay in the drafting of a law on language policy that is to be debated at the Parliament of that country. The Constitution of Paraguay recognizes both Guarani and Spanish as official languages. However, there is no law on language planning yet that develops the use of Guarani and the other authochtonous languages of Paraguay in the different domains. Language World will take place between July at the University of Kent at Canterbury, only 90 minutes from London by rail, and easily accessible for overseas visitors by air, sea and rail.

It is a unique event in the languages education calendar; it brings together teachers, students, policy makers, experts and enthusiasts from across educational sectors, giving them opportunities - professional and social, formal and informal - to meet, discuss and relax. The conference itself has plenary talks from key figures in languages education from both the UK and Europe, over 90 talks and workshops from which to choose and presentations by publishers and other commercial providers.

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Our theme for is Creating opportunities and we do hope that you won't miss out on this opportunity to join us for the biggest UK languages event. Alongside the conference will be the UK's largest exhibition of language teaching resources and equipment, running on July. The "Resolving Conflict Creatively" series is currently being used by over schools and community groups worldwide. Video Librarian Magazine gave the series three stars and said the following:. The first two volumes would be very beneficial in an interpersonal communications curriculum for high school, college students, or out of school adult learners, while the final two-parter would probably be most helpful for those whose responsibilities lie in government, law enforcement and the juvenile justice system.

We hope you'll consider purchasing these acclaimed educational videos and printed materials for your institution. For more information, reviews, video clips, order forms and an independent evaluation survey please visit our website or contact us. In , she organized surveyors across Iraq to document civilian casualties. Before that, she managed a similar project in Afghanistan that helped to secure assistance from the US government for civilian victims. She died last Saturday in Baghdad when a suicide bomber aiming for a convoy of contractors pulled alongside her vehicle and detonated his explosives.

Marla was a close friend of Victoria Firmo-Fontan , who wishes us all to honour her friend. Just before her death, Marla Ruzicka wrote about the importance of recording and publicly releasing Iraqi civilian casualty numbers. Baghdad - The writer, a year-old humanitarian aid worker from California, was killed Saturday in Baghdad when a suicide bomber aiming for a convoy of contractors pulled alongside her vehicle and detonated his explosives. Her longtime driver and translator, Faiz Ali Salim, also died.

She filed this piece from Baghdad a week before her death. In my two years in Iraq, the one question I am asked the most is: "How many Iraqi civilians have been killed by American forces? Tommy Franks said, "We don't do body counts. During the Iraq war, as US troops pushed toward Baghdad, counting civilian casualties was not a priority for the military.

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However, since May 1, , when President Bush declared major combat operations over and the US military moved into a phase referred to as "stability operations," most units began to keep track of Iraqi civilians killed at checkpoints or during foot patrols by US soldiers. Here in Baghdad, a brigadier general commander explained to me that it is standard operating procedure for US troops to file a spot report when they shoot a non-combatant.

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It is in the military's interest to release these statistics. Recently, I obtained statistics on civilian casualties from a high-ranking US military official. The numbers were for Baghdad only, for a short period, during a relatively quiet time. Other hot spots, such as the Ramadi and Mosul areas, could prove worse. The statistics showed that 29 civilians were killed by small-arms fire during firefights between US troops and insurgents between Feb. It is not clear whether the bullets that killed these civilians were fired by US troops or insurgents.

Iraqis who have been harmed by Americans have the right to file claims for compensation at these locations, and some claims have been paid.

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But others have been denied, even when the US forces were in the wrong. The Marines have also been paying compensation in Fallujah and Najaf.

Zweiter Golfkrieg 1991 ORF Zusammenfassung

These data serve as a good barometer of the civilian costs of battle in both cities. These statistics demonstrate that the US military can and does track civilian casualties. Troops on the ground keep these records because they recognize they have a responsibility to review each action taken and that it is in their interest to minimize mistakes, especially since winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis is a key component of their strategy.

The military should also want to release this information for the purposes of comparison with reports such as the Lancet study published late last year. It suggested that since the US-led invasion there had been , deaths in Iraq. A further step should be taken.

In my dealings with US military officials here, they have shown regret and remorse for the deaths and injuries of civilians. Systematically recording and publicly releasing civilian casualty numbers would assist in helping the victims who survive to piece their lives back together. A number is important not only to quantify the cost of war, but as a reminder of those whose dreams will never be realized in a free and democratic Iraq. A week before she was killed by a suicide bomber, humanitarian worker Marla Ruzicka forced military commanders to admit they did keep records of Iraqi civilians killed by US forces.

But in an essay Ms Ruzicka wrote a week before her death on Saturday and published yesterday, the year-old revealed that a Brigadier General told her it was "standard operating procedure" for US troops to file a report when they shoot a non-combatant. She obtained figures for the number of civilians killed in Baghdad between 28 February and 5 April, and discovered that 29 had been killed in firefights involving US forces and insurgents. This was four times the number of Iraqi police killed.

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Sam Zia-Zarifi, deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, the group for which Ms Ruzicka wrote the report, said her discovery "was very important because it allows the victims to start demanding compensation". He added: "At a policy level they have never admitted they keep these figures. Exactly how many Iraqi civilians have been killed in the last two years is unclear.

Iraq Body Count, a group that monitors casualty reports, says at least 17, have died.