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There was only one way to begin and that was, to borrow a phrase, in the beginning. A separate problem is that reading begets reading.

The Bible is full of minor mysteries. What the heck is a race of giants doing in Deuteronomy? Then there are the bigger ones: Every parable is a puzzle of metaphor and meaning. So I began to consult study Bibles, with their extensive footnotes about Hebrew customs and Greek etymologies. My daily readings often stretched to an hour, as I looked up schematics of the original temple in Jerusalem, pondered the length of a cubit, and investigated the symptoms of leprosy. Sheer determination drove me forward, but so did the joy of discovery. Others were head-scratchers. I was amused to see that swords can be beaten into plowshares Isaiah and then beaten back into swords Joel One day, I flipped through a book that shows how Christian art depicts demons.

In many cases, I noticed, the fiends in the Sistine Chapel and elsewhere are to the left of Jesus. I wondered why but promptly forgot to pursue the matter. My Daily Catholic Bible rested on a table in front of me. Pixabay On reading the Bible for the first time I read the Bible last year: the whole thing, front to back, cover to cover. In This Issue Articles. By Ramesh Ponnuru. By Jim Geraghty.

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    Country Life. The England that Lycett Green evokes is gone now: families who farmed the same land for generations have had to disperse; Russian communism isn't the big bad wolf of the collective imagination any more. Fuchs was a German-born physicist who worked at Harwell, but gave information to the Russians. One of Lycett Green's strengths is the subtlety with which she interweaves his story with her own.

    The nosier village children take to visiting a mysterious couple who live in a remote cottage. Mr Williams and Miss Walker are unmarried of itself a curiosity and are fugitives of some kind, eschewing the world perhaps because of Mr Williams's fervent belief in communism or perhaps because of the delicacy of Miss Walker's health. The bizarre truth about them is revealed only in the final pages, when it becomes evident that, while secrets are as delicious as sherbet lemons to children, to adults they bring only grief.

    The author is the daughter of the poet Sir John Betjeman, although he makes scant appearance in these pages, being busy or in London.

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    More vivid is the formidable Penelope Betjeman, robustly milking her cows and trudging purposefully about. It would be rather fun.

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    Luckily, the young Candida Lycett Green didn't think it would be fun at all.