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From his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Someone to turn to for wisdom and advice? Yes, you do. You have God. Cry out to Him.

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Ask Him for wisdom. The first and foremost place to find wisdom, of course, is the Bible.

1. Seek God First

Learn from your own mistakes. You, too?

A woman's fury holds lifetimes of wisdom - Tracee Ellis Ross

Wise women do. My biggest failures have not occurred because of a lack of wisdom, but because I failed to practice wisdom. I knew better, but I forged ahead and did things my way. Wisdom is one thing. Practicing it is another. Turn away and keep moving. Fools and the wicked are everywhere. They bully, manipulate, and love to control others. You cannot always avoid them, but wisdom will help you steer clear of their destructive paths.

Want to be a wise woman?

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No matter how young or old you are, you can become a wise woman. Twenty-something me joined her Tuesday morning Bible study class for two primary reasons: To enjoy two-and-a-half hours of uninterrupted, child-free conversations with other young moms God bless all of you angels who work in church nurseries. To quench a deep-felt need in my life to know — really know — the Bible and grow spiritually. But the bonus we received was wisdom. Will you, my sister, become one of them? The technological revolution is permanently and profoundly changing our society.

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In the disruptive transformation of the world, female wisdom plays a central role - for example in the form of compassion, social intelligence, emotions, love, mindfulness, empathy, integration or appreciation. The psychologist and Sufi teacher Lewellyn Vaughan Lee says: "Nothing new can come into life without the participation of the feminine. Every woman has the potential of creation needed for the renewal of life.

In many societies of the world, it is women who set the decisive impulses for more empathy, a deepened attitude towards values, more common good, solidarity and collective wisdom.

The 10 Virtues of a Proverbs 31 Woman

Men and women both possess these feminine qualities; they lead us deep into our innermost being, to the core of our being, whose wisdom is called "Sophia". Based on this knowledge, Athena Center - Women Wisdom aims to inspire and empower women and men as leaders and influencer change agents for a sustainable world. The actions of each person are fully recognized and valued - for the good of humanity and the earth. Our vision is to connect and network individuals and organizations into a global movement of collective wisdom. We share this view and thus the Athena Center - Women Wisdom aims to inspire and encourage women and men to inspire conscious, energetic and powerful organizations to support the further development of society towards more mindfulness, integration, empathy and diversity while also assuming responsibility in leadership roles.

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One of our concrete goals is to promote the positive development of the proportion of women in the management of companies. In general, women should be encouraged to realise their full potential and take their place in society in a self-confident, authentic and sustainable manner. Athena Center - Women Wisdom sees itself as a neutral, non-confessional and independent institution.

Her experience in leadership positions and working in a global, multicultural environment have led Simone Junod to believe that a globally networked society in a digital economy needs a new understanding of fundamental values. This requires a high level of social competence, insights and an inner orientation. Female intuition and wisdom should be encouraged in order to give impulses for the further development of society and to contribute to a harmonious coexistence in all areas of life.

A look at history shows that women in the social and family environment have a natural role model role in the task of building binding social and responsible networks and shaping them in a value-oriented manner through their experiences as mothers and family managers.

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I grew up in the Bernese Jura as the fifth of nine children in a farming family and took on responsibility very early on. I learned from my mother what it means to be a "family manager": a lot of work - organizing the household, raising children, working in the fields at the same time, looking after the vegetable garden, providing a comfortable home - and being in contact with like-minded people, especially women, in a socially acceptable network. This gave us structure, support and safety. The question of a professional career did not arise. For a long time, my professional career played a major role in my personal life - also as a counter-model to the traditional image of women. I have had success in various management positions at the executive level of international companies in Switzerland. It was an instructive and busy time, in which I was often the only woman to sit on purely male management bodies. Can you imagine how lonely I felt sometimes? To assert myself and make myself heard, to appear credible and professional, to prove again with every job change that I am competent and at the same time look good.