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Kansas City, MO. Paula Rees Good. This book is a topsy-turvy book with plastic grip type binding. Giles Goat-Boy. Includes discussion of dances to rhythms, strophes and antistrophes, which are actually limericks. Barth, John. Fawcett Publications. Paperback reprint of edition. Barton, A. An Interlude of Limericks. Barwick, Dee. Nonsensicals: Fun Verse for Kids 9 to Tory Duntley and Penny Pederson.

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April House, Inc.. Bashor, Richard U.. Prime Ribaldry: An Anthology of Limericks. Vantage Press, Inc.. Bass, Martha, and others.

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TIPS Program. Charlottesville, VA. Teaching guide. Fourth-grade crime prevention program including the writing of "crime-resistance" limericks. Bauer, Walter A..

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  • Undie-cover research: Limerick farmer cottons on to soil testing with his underpants.

Schmusen am Jadebusen. Baughman's Handbook of Humor in Education. Parker Publishing. West Nyack NJ. Baum, Frank L..

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Father Goose, His Book. There was a boy from Kalamazoo Who ate too much celery stew He felt quite ill And took a pill And now he feels good as new.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz. John R. Reiley and Lee. Juvenile fiction. Baum, L. The Road to Oz. Ballantine Books. Baumer, Lewis. Arthur Pearson, Limited. San Marino, CA.

  • An A - Z of Looney Limericks by Bernie Morris.
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Michel Durand. Anthony Blond. Dust jacket credits Ed Cray as editor but title page is silent with respect to authorship. Contains the scores for two best known limerick choruses: the "I-Yi-Yi-Yi" chorus of "Cielito Lindo" of "The Gay Caballero" fame and an alternate "Sweet Violets" chorus "borrowed from a stage song of the last century. Brandon House. North Hollywood. Popular Press. Baxter, Alfred W.. Bohemian Grove, San Francisco. Baxter, Biddy, and Rosemary Gill. The Blue Peter Book of Limericks. Peter Firmin and Edward Lear.

Winners of the Blue Peter Limerick competition. Baxter, Nicola. Silly Rhymes and Limericks. Cathie Shuttleworth. Bookmart Ltd. Engineering Students' Society, Univ. Bean, Cap'n. David J. Grimmericks: The Final Curtain. Writers Club Press. Warner Books, Inc.. Beardon, D. Animal rhymes. Good Old Limericks, February Becker, May Lamberton.

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Rainbow Mother Goose. Lili Cassel. World Publishing Company. A Bed Full of Limericks. Paperback Bawdy. Bede, [Cuthbert]. Edward Bradley. Funny Figures by A. James Blackwood. Cuthebert Bede, otherwise known as Edward Bradley, was a regular contributor to Punch magazine as a satirist. He also wrote a famous satire called the Adventures of Mr. His distinctive style of illustration seen no better than here in this collection of 32 drawings: all hand coloured. Philip Wylie ed.

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Arden Book Co.. Bee, Hanne. Skizzenbuch und Limericks. Basta Verlag. Beilenson, Nick.

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World's Best Limericks. Henry Martin. Peter Pauper Press, Inc.. White Plains, NY. Bell, Carl Irving. Vermont folks: A book of limericks. April Hill Publishers. Joseph Hilary Pierre Belloc. Benfield, Jack. Benfield's Conversational Limericks. Riverside Press, Inc.. Lauderdale, FL.